UFT 4/13 Delegate Assembly Notes

UFT Delegate Assembly Notes



Delegate Assembly - March 23, 2022


President’s Report:

Staff Director’s Report: LeRoy Barr

Question Period 

Motion Period - 1 Motion added to agenda

Resolutions - Debate & Voting - NONE

President’s Report: start 4:23 

Notetaking started at 4:30

Federal Politics: 

New Supreme Court Justice

State Politics: 

State Budget - Hazard Pay for all titles not in the bill. Some “frontline titles” did, functional chapters, some nurses.

Tier 6 - all public sector, now time to reform it. The goal is get it where we want by time people retire. Now what happens is actuarial, pension, etc. rambling Tier 6 should not have happened, massive campaign by gov and rich ppl, claimed cities/states would be bankrupt due to pension payments, nationally, crazy numbers produced by small cities, same people opposed Tier 6 change. 

You cannot recruit/retain ppl from 21 to 63. 

Debra penny - Tier 6 (10 years old, Tier 4 28 years

Reform 1: Vesting from 10 to 5 years. Work 20 years, 2% contribution

After 17 years, stopped contribution 

It’s very young, have been chipping away, create bills, lobby, get fiscal note, then wait on the Gov’s. 2 passed

April 1 - 5 years for vesting (applause) 

Other reform: from April 2022 - 4/14/24, rate on base pay only. Any money earned (per session, etc.) all of that gets reported in one year to TRS. The year after that, contributions are paid on it. Tiered contributions (3 - 6%), your contrib rate changes. To help members, held harmless for contribution rate based only on base pay. Huge for us. Will continue to work on it. 

First change to Tier 4 and Tier 6 (and doing the work)

City Politics:

  • DOE: Superintendents, principal’s budgets, BCOs, exec super. DOE as currently structured not working for the schools, 2 decades, and gotten worse, clearly brought out by pandemic. Have to see where it goes. Relationships exist, but have to wait and see. Concern is that trying to be thorough, but have to open school in Sept. Planning for Sept starts in March and it’s not happening. It means, gonna be strange end of year and summer, been meeting with everyone, brought in by Banks are not from DOE, they are learning, we are spending time with them, this is what i know: solidify early childhood. Need to do something curriculum, every school doing what they want is not working. What is the correct program? Do we want one set curriculum? 1000 roses blooming. Focused on: in the end, this education is about making a living and doing what you want, career pathway issue. We know big push for that CTE, building in awareness of this is your life, we want to help you have a good life. Civics (cheer). We currently train 50 ppl in Civics program. DOE doesn’t do this, not the old way, we’re on this planet, part of this city, how do we do things together? 
  • Sped Ed - referring more kids than anyone else (22%, everyone else 14%), why? No, system set up. Mandated set up, free up the psychologists to stop doing paperwork, but you can’t set up a system, the only way to get any help with a child who is struggling is to refer them, that’s the result. And then anyway, no service provided. 
  • You’ll hear announcements, different deputies, absolutely thorough. You don’t have time for this. But prefer to get it right. 
  • have asked NOT to do DESSA for spring (applause) not what we planned, turns out $18m contract, 48 questions, did nothing, did the screening, flagged the children for outside and no help came. And then what? You try to figure it out on your own. Another challenge. You didn’t do anything with the info gathered. Assuming it’s due to the contract, and not wanting to waste $$. We asked not to do this. 
  • Calendar going back and forth. Make it permanent P/t conferences are virtual. Look at your data, 4-5x parents seen virtually than in person. MS - number one SBO night/day one day (elementary schools are doing it, why not all? SBOs - trying to get the calendar - very tight calendar. Always issues - snow day, set up classrooms. SBOs thru election buddy
  • Summer School - same as last year - not sure why. Good idea, but if you’re going to spend the money, go out and talk to parents, it’s not Field of Dreams. “I can’t wait to go” We’ll do the process and the posting. Many of you enjoyed, small classes.
  • Get past the state, working with City Council, did some at state level. When we get back, get really loud about this. Going to be a fight, We lost 120K students. Lost them over 8 years. We had hte room, once we started measuring. Want to make a system attractive? Lower the class size. What do parents want: smaller classes, safe schools. Why don’t you give them the 2 top things they want. 
  • School Safety - disciplinary code, there’s a reason 2K SSAs short, there was a defund, get rid of the SSAs, we should not have schools with 3K kids and 3 agents. Especially with what’s happening in our schools. Set up safe corridor, but we can’t do it, because we don’t have hte agents. Had NYPD with us. We want schools safe, need the personnel and the training, in NYC, you can’t have schools with 1 safety agents, too much comes on us. 
  • Chapter Leader hub. Who here has logged on? 50% crowd work - why aren’t you on it? Asking crowd, plugging the site, place to upload consultation notes, COPE  numbers? membership, non-members, time to start taking a look, tied to the stipend, this is important to make it easy for us. Push on COPE. Keep pushing at Tier 6 issue
  • Negotiating committee. Thank you for your time. We gathered surveys from last time with feedback, all that feedback is being sent to the ind. folks their job is to make sure questions are objective, mocking make it objective, get the survey out to every single member. 
  • Last thing, thanks the delegation because of what we have been through this year. Go back to the first day of school. Not the normal. DIdn’t know what was going to happen with everyone. Mayor playing politics. Now we have a transition and another wave, remember Jan 3? That was the most tense day. We didn’t know. Numbers going up, school is still safest thing, still under 1%, as variants come, milder, Feb 1st 160 hospitalization, or 20 now, want to get through the pandemic (blames the unvaxxed), DOE is not functioning, rambling, one day away from Spring Break. Did anyone completely lose it? Of course! It’s been bad. 3 physicals in the past year and a half. Happy that we can increase MAP - 100s of members getting therapy and support. A testament to all of you, go to work, keep schools moving, kids safe, despite challenges, you have kept this school system going, not the DO, have a break great, (blah, blah), be safe, silly things on their heads and no testing. No COVID, 90 kids with strep. Relax, take the time, 44 days when we get back. Are we gonna get thru? Come back in Sept super strong. Now this is what we believe. Thanks again, be safe, have a blessed Easter, Passover


Nurses - we need nurses, more pandemics coming. We need a nurse per building, now how many for school of 3K. Can’t 

DOE Restructure

Upcoming Contract

Staff Director’s Report: LeRoy Barr (4:590) 

Ballots went out last  Friday 4/8 - Gold envelope. Please vote immediately. Return by May 9th. Count May 10th. 

9th annual 5/14 Run/Walk - fundraiser for Ukraine (Coney Island)

Spring Conference 5/21 - NY Hilton 

Next DA May 25th - Date Change.

Question Period (5:01 -)

Who: Boxer PS 152, D22 CL 

q: Sped recovery, is that something will continue in September? Is it being discussed

A: sighing We all understand that kids with special needs suffered more during hte pandemic. Sped recovery was supposed to help those children, not to do paperwork. At this point, unless they can prove it’s meaningful, vs a compliance system. Right now, paperwork, click the box, get it done, doing it differently which is weird. I have heard from schools that really did the work and it’s important. This is supposed to about dealing with challenges. If they manage that correctly, rather than waiting on reports, then we’ll talk. But it would nice to have help, not hindrance. At my last straw with special ed, I sit in meetings and people tell me that it’s supposed to be about the children, when these people will fight with us to deny service, but they want to me about “the children” getting quite ugly. 

Who: Richard D27, HS Construction Trades

q: Tier 6, what are the other 3 reforms. What are our next steps? 

A: I will report on that in the next DA: cut the percentage people contribute in their career. Legislative session is not over. This is going to take a couple years. We finished TIV the year before someone could retired. 

Who: Ryan Bruckenthal, Delegate, Beacon HS

q: Starbucks/Amazon victory, really exciting for the labor movement - saw the resolution, looking forward to discussing, wondering if we can support add’l organizing, money or turning out members

A: They had their plan and they said no influence, they started acting like a union, we will communicate and do our stuff. We will approach, but hands-off, but not telling them what to do. Believe in the sanctity of the union, and they deserve respect for doing what no one else could do. and mad props for that (applause) 

Who: Regina Baker, Retired Teachers Chapter

q: I know there’s negotiation to the last day of school. When will teachers find out if the chancellors day will be remote? 

A: We put it on the table, they said we would get back to you. Under a normal calendar, that day would not be scheduled. We have to figure out some technicalities but it on the table.

Who: Elise, delegate, Hungerford School, Staten Island

q: Are we allowed to use chapter 683, are we allowed to use a vacation day for 683? 

A: As far as Im concerned, arbitration says, we can use it whenever we want to. That would be my advice to you. Arbitration is clear, you can use it if you are reporting to work for the day. 

Who: Margaret, PS73, D75

q: Do you have an idea when 683 dates are going to be confirmed? 

A: Hoping the week we are back. They were going back and forth with each other, understand some of the issues we’ve been talking about, you can’t require people to do things with out the time to do it 

Who: Dysfena? Delegate for the Academy for Hospitality and Tourism 

q: According to CL, our principal has said - her way or no way for SBOs. Can we fight that? 

A: What you should do is that she can only have positions that are in the contract. We won’t consider any SBOs either (Dean up to 1000 students, programmer and that’s about it).  My way or the high way is not the way we do things. And what is the name of your school anyway?

Who: Margaret Cho? PS 35

q: Mayor has been saying, feel sorry for him, swagger isn’t the cure-all we thought, he has been talking about dyslexia, he wants to do screening for all, really only doctors can do it, are teachers going to be required to do screenings for dyslexia? 

A: you are not trained to do dyslexia screenings. The mayor feels strongly about this because he is dyslexic. I cns only read whole words but I grew up in a phonetic world. But a teacher picked it up. Dyslexia can be diagnosed in all sorts of ways. If you aren’t careful you can overdiagnose. I can’t do a dyslexia screening. When I taught 9th graders, I took my kids to the SBST, and the picked up reading problems.

Motion Period (5:17)

Motions to be added to the agenda:

  1. Meredith Skaldos, BK School for Music and Theater - for this month’s agenda. 

M: recaps rules

Resolution Below: 

Vote total (to be added to the agenda)

Online: 629 yes (108 no) In person: 170 yes, 3 no - 799yes, 131n 

Outcome- placed on the agenda. 

D30 PS 78, CL? (for next month)

  1. Mosaic curricula in K-8 in fall. MIssing AAPI history, as a Teacher, I’m always searching for AAPI history - none introduced in 30 hate crimes in 2020, 120+ in 2021, 400% increase and education is important for countering this hate. 

Resolved - UFT to advocate for AAPI inclusion in the curricula, partner with AAPI project, and work with state legislation to include more AAPI history. 

No one speaking against. 

Vote total (to be added to the agenda)

Online: 708 yes, 47 no In person:  inaudible? Total: 

Outcome: resolution passed - added to May agenda

Amy Bernstein, PS 272, next month’s agenda


  • Resolution to approve Tier 6 benefits. Like to get momentum: Resolved: that UFT and other unions continue to campaign for improvements for Tier 6 members


Peter Lamphere, Delegate, Gregory Luperon, move to suspend rules to extend the motion period for 10 minutes. 

Requires a 2/3rd vote. 

Point of inquiry: CL, can there be a motion placed when a motion is already happening? 

M: if the motion is to continue or suspend, then yes. but thanks for your point of inquiry

Vote total (to be added to the agenda) to extend the motion period

Online: 391 yes, 435 no In person: 33 yes, 151 no, 424, 596

Outcome: motion to suspend fails

Motion for Next Month’s agenda - Tier 6 agenda

Vote total (to be added to the agenda)

Online: 668 yes, 63 no In person: 186 yes, 7 no, Total: 800? yes, ? no

Outcome: resolution passes

Point of Info: D75, We can’t hear the vote total. 

M: I’ll say it into the mic

Resolution Period: 

M: Tomorrow night, we’re doing an event called, “Listen Up, the Reality Is.” The mayor was coming, before COVID, he actually called me and said, “Can I come?” The Chancellor is coming, the Commissioner is coming, Regents, Ed committee from City Council, none of them will speak. All I will do is introduce, and Rita Joseph, Chair of City Council Ed committee, she will moderate (she is a former teacher), talking about what we need. We’ll be taping it, we are sick and tired of listening to people say what children need, they should talk to us. If you don’t know Brian, Brain has been handling this, thanks the people who are helping, more than 500 volunteered, all the reading and vetting, we’ll make a video out of it and we’ll show it, lots of interest from other unions, it’s the only way to make it work. It will be on Facebook live, or wait for the tape

Resolution Period

Ms. Hynes

Janella Hinds, academic HS Exec Bd, speaking in support to eliminate distributive scoring in HS Regents exams. In 2017, we passed a reso to eliminate. At the time we were told it was important for fairness and securely and without opportunities for cheating, but this policy separates NYC from all other schools - no charter schools or private schools have to do it, or other schools state wide. Seeking alignment with schools around the state, and Ramadan Mubarak, Pesach, and Easter. 


Debate: no hands. Call the question. 

Vote to end debate on this resolution 

Online: 589  yes,  39  no In person: 169  yes, 6 no, Total: 758yes, 45 no 94%

Outcome: debate ended

Vote on Resolution to Eliminate Distributive Scoring for HS Regents Exams

Online: 606 yes,  53 no In person: 182 yes, 1 no, Total:  yes,  no  - 93% yes

Outcome: resolution passes

Mr. Tompkins (applause) 

D3, Manhattan School for Children CL

Resolution to Commemorate 9/11 with a moment of silence. In 2021, 9/11 was on a Saturday, and asked for a moment of silence on a Monday, 2019 law does not speak to weekend. 9/11 2022 falls on a Sunday. Developmentally appropriate curriculum, part of city’s history, lots of apprehension about teaching it, sad and disturbing/reluctance to teach it. I was upset to hear that smaller 9/11 Tribute Museum is at risk of closing, they are engaging with Schumer, but getting school trips there would mitigate it, rise in support and ask for your support and happy holidays. 

Debate: Seth Gilman, Bx CL (school?)

Former NYPD for 24 years, teaching 19 years? First responder on 9/11 (applause), at 22 years old you dont think about death, was 22 years old, worked at 13th Precinct (didn’t get the names of the officers who lost), Patrick Lynch pointed out it’s been a generation, I used to taek the day off and visit hte precinct, but they have all retired, it’s important that kids learn about it, they weren’t born during 9/11, I taught a lesson and the kids cried, and explained my role and hte others, 2000 people didn’t come home, lost many to the dust/contamination, needs to be marked, weekday or not, my promise to the families, as lost as I can breathe, I’ll teach about this day (applause) You have survivor’s guilt, but 2 years ago, I did a lesson, a student said,  I’m really glad you didn’t die, I’m glad to have you as a teacher, and I hope you’ll support this. 

Patty Crispino, Exec Bd, call the question: 

Anyone against? 

Close debate Vote: 

Online: 647 yes, 17 no In-person: 172 yes, 6 no Total: 97%

Close debate, 

Vote on the Resolution itself: Resolution on the Observance of a Moment of Silence in all NYC schools in Commemoration of Heroes and Victims of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Online: 658 yes, 43 no Online: 168 yes, 5 no

95% yes, resolution passes 

Roy Rosewood: Motion to suspend automatic adjournment until we can vote on 3rd item, or 6:05, whichever comes first. 

M: We don’t need the room like we did. I appreciate you bringing it up. Vote in favor of suspending the rules to finish the agenda: We’re gonna finish it. 

Item 3: Resolution in Support of Recognition of School Related Professionals

Greg Monte, FDR HS, stand in support of the resolution: we talked for 2 years about being on the front lines for COVID, we weren’t alone. Nurses, custodians, school related personnel, recognize them now, even though the month was November

Seconded. Debate: 

Rashad Brown, Exec Bd, at large, support the resolution, thank you to guidance, school nurses, paraprofessionals, they deserve this day. 

Carrine PS 22? D8 - I love my SRPs, they are warriors, fearless, bold, courageous, strong, capable, they are food banks, classroom managers, crisis management, stepping into cover classes, they continue to there, it’s a thankless job, asking everyone to stand and applaud not just UFT, being there for NYC families, 

Margaret Choi, PS 35, call the question

M: Anyone against? Dermot Myrie, CL, MS 391

One opposed online: rise in opposition, we can’t make an amendment online, because I am unable to make an amendment online, I encourage everyone to ask for a pay raise, not just acclamation, 

Point of Order - He is out of order

M: he can speak against

Myrie: starts to speak cut off–

Vote to end debate on this resolution 

Online: 558  yes,  42  no In person: 163  yes, 5 no, Total: 94%

Outcome: debate ended

Vote on Resolution in Support of School Related Personnel

Online: 520 yes,  39 no In person: 160 yes, 8 no, Total:  yes,  no  - 94% yes

Outcome: resolution passes

Happy holidays, everyone, be safe, see you at the end of May. 

Resolutions - Debate & Voting - NONE