Get Involved

Want to get involved in MORE?

MORE has a diversity of ways to get involved in the important work of making a fighting social justice union that protects its members and works to create a more just and equitable world. You can look at the table below for different ways to get involved!

We also know that movement work relies on the generosity of time and labor from its members, and that member’s capacity to engage changes from season to season and day to day. Any time that you can give to the movement is invaluable, and it is never the wrong time to step up!

Also, if this all feels a little overwhelming, you can always contact our new member team here, where someone can talk to you one-on-one about where you can fit into our caucus!

Ladder of Engagement

This ladder is organized by level of time commitment, so reflect on what feels exciting/impactful for you to participate in, or how much time you can invest , then decide for yourself how you want to get involved. All levels of participation are equally important. That being said, in MORE, we all have equal say how the caucus should be shaped. 

Ways to Plug-in!

First Step

Monthly Time Commitment

Follow us on social media!

This way you can stay informed about news in NYC education world, and hear about opportunities for one-time engagements. Once you do, please feel free to interact with our posts by liking, retweeting, and responding!


Become a dues paying member!

Sign up here!


Join our mailing list!

This way you can stay even more up to date with more detailed accounts of what MORE is doing, and more ways to get involved, like those you see below!

As often as you check your email!

Support our mass mobilizations!

However you find out about them (through social media or the listserv), we will often ask for support in the form of twitter storms, calling representatives, or attending marches and press conferences. 

Right now, our main focus is on the UFT Election and Contract negotiation. Get involved in this mobilization effort by emailing [email protected] and expressing interest!

As often as you are able to join us, and depending on interest! 

Join a working group!

Click here to find a list of issue-based working groups. If you don’t see one on an issue that motivates you, get in touch with the steering committee to see if it’s possible to start a new one!

1-4 meetings (usually 1-1.5 hours)

Join your District Committees

Click here to find active district committees across the city. 

1-2 meetings (usually 1-1.5 hours)




We also know that sometimes, organizing can be full of words and vocabulary that can make it hard to know what exactly people are talking about. Here’s a list of some of the terms we use across our organization, and what we mean when we say them!

Working Group: These are issue-based groups that work within MORE on specific issues or campaigns. They can be either internally-focused (such as our political education working group) or externally-focused (such as the Health Justice working group). Currently, all working meetings are over Zoom. Working groups generally determine their own meeting schedules and time commitments.

District Committee: These are geographically-based groups within MORE where educators can meet other members from their geographic district. Currently, all working meetings are over Zoom. Like working groups, the district committees determine their own meeting schedules and time commitments. 

Mass Mobilization: Any large-scale event that we hope to have many community members (beyond just educators) attend, such as a protest, march, press conference, twitter storms, letter-writing campaigns.

Dues: The monthly payments that demonstrate membership in the organization. They go to paying MORE’s staff, distributing literature, supporting issue-based campaign work, and supporting our members with shirts, buttons, stickers, and more!

Listserv: The list of people who get our regular email updates and can communicate with each other via email.