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New Politics
Voting Ends Soon in UFT Elections: A Referendum on Leadership the Past Two Years

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest teachers’ union local in the country consistently left members unsafe, confused, ill, and even dead.

March 28, 2022

Daily News
A new way to protect kids from COVID? Special education can help us demand accommodations

Two years into the pandemic, there is no excuse for failing to fully meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in schools.

March 1, 2022

CLASS STRUGGLE: Rethinking pedagogy and social practice in the pandemic era

I have been exposed to so many brilliant teachers already working with these questions like... [members of MORE.]

February 7, 2022

Despite the infection - New York children go to school

The children feel better when they are allowed to be at school. But when the infection rates are this high, we need to close for a couple of days until the situation has calmed down, says Jake Jacobs.

January 16, 2022

The Nation
There Is Something Very Wrong With a Society That Scapegoats Its Teachers

As an educator with ten years experience teaching in New York City, I have never felt so hopeless about the future of public schools in this country.

January 11, 2022

News 12 Bronx
'Our schools have become unsafe.' Parents, teachers urge NYC to take measures to protect students amid COVID surge

New York City Public Schools special education teacher Jia Lee says it’s time that the city listened to educators who are on the front lines.

January 11, 2022

FOX 5 New York
COVID hammers NYC school attendance among students and teachers
"With more than half my class out today, it doesn't make sense why I cannot use remote options to teach my students who are mostly out of the class today," [Annie] Tan said.

January 10, 2022

As COVID surges, some New York City teachers rally for remote option
"According to [MORE], many schools are understaffed, and teachers are constantly worried they will get COVID."

January 10, 2022

Group to hold protest outside UFT headquarters to emphasize the threat COVID-19 poses in classrooms
“Schools are unsafe sources of spread to our youngest unvaccinated, untested and immunocompromised students.” According to MORE-UFT

January 10, 2022

Teachers Confess They Want to Go Remote
“It feels incredibly isolating to essentially feel like teachers are being pigeonholed as glorified babysitters,” Alexandra said

January 7, 2022

Brooklyn Paper
School still in session despite parent, teacher anxiety
“The mayor is lying when he says the schools are the safest place for them to be right now,” said Rosy Clark

January 7, 2022

"It's Not Sustainable": NYC Public School Administrators, Teachers Struggle With Staffing Shortages
On Wednesday afternoon, members of a UFT faction called the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE) rallied outside the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

January 5, 2022

New York Daily News
NYC teachers rally for increased COVID-19 safety measures
... The Movement of Rank and File Educators, a social justice caucus within the city teachers union, called for a one-week shift to remote learning, more testing for kids and teachers, and additional high-quality masks, among other measures.

January 5, 2022

‘Real Disregard of Our Safety’: Teachers Across the Country Scramble Amid Chaotic School Reopenings
As a special ed teacher, [Annie] Tan has a relatively small classroom size of eight, but she says her students with disabilities face other risks at school.

January 5, 2022

News 12 Brooklyn
Teachers, school staff rally for help with COVID-19 outbreaks in school buildings
Teachers from a caucus of the United Federation of Teachers called “MORE” say that while the city claims schools are safe, the Department of Education isn’t doing enough to stop the spread.

January 5, 2022

Spectrum News NY1
Schools grapple with low attendance as students return and omicron surges
“I’m trying to teach and share my screen, talk to them on Zoom, talk to the kids who are here, which is imperfect,” Anna Meyer said.

January 4, 2022

COVID, Capitalism, and Collapse: A Roundtable Discussion with NYC Nurses and Teachers
Kevin Prosen: Public schools don’t just educate children, they fill in all of the gaps of the American welfare state.

January 2, 2022

Associated Press
Parents, schools face another reckoning over COVID-19 cases
"[T]eachers worry about endangering their health by entering crowded schools."

December 22, 2021


Teachers Push For More COVID Testing As Schools Head Into Winter Break Amid Surging Cases

“We’re calling for expanded access to testing,” Michael Stivers, science teacher at Millennium Brooklyn High School in Park Slope, said, after he and his colleagues rallied outside the school.

December 21, 2021

The New Yorker
What COVID Burnout Is Doing to New York City’s Schools
“[Rachel Posner] went on, "Our children are coming from communities dealing with systemic racism and poverty, plus covid trauma.” 

December 20, 2021

Daily News
NYC schools confront staff shortages, test and trace delays as COVID cases mountTeachers at Grace Dodge High School rally against COVID-19 conditions as cases see uptick
Staff at Crotona staged a morning protest with colleagues calling on the city to shutter schools for the remainder of the week and ramp up COVID testing in schools.

December 20, 2021

News 12 Bronx
Teachers at Grace Dodge High School rally against COVID-19 conditions as cases see uptick
Teachers at Grace H. Dodge Career and Technical High School in the Bronx are no strangers to letting their voices be heard.
December 20, 2021

NYC School Administrators Feel Pressure As COVID Outbreaks Grow Among Students and Staff
Educators said cases in many schools are surging. “We’re experiencing a massive outbreak,” said Madeline Borrelli.
December 17, 2021

Chalkbeat New York
COVID rates are down, but some Bronx parents are not ready for in-person learning
“We feel disrespected,” said Aixa Rodriguez, a teacher and a member of the Bronx Parent Advocacy Group.
June 17, 2021

CBS New York
Parents, Teachers Concerned About Returning To Classrooms In Fall Without Remote Learning Option

Dermott Myrie, a teacher, said he's still concerned.
May 24, 2021

As teachers union readies endorsement, members complain about process
"it's sad because it tells you this guy is talking out of his mouth,” said Dermott Myrie, a UFT chapter leader and part of the MORE-UFT caucus.
Apr 14, 2021

The New York Times
Why Students Are Logging In to Class From 7,000 Miles Away
 “The brand-new immigrants — they have it hardest,” said Aixa Rodriguez
Apr 9, 2021

New York Magazine
Teachers Unions Aren’t the Obstacle to Reopening Schools
Jia Lee, who teaches fifth grade at a public school in New York City, also works in a century-old school building and has had to keep her windows...
Feb 26, 2021

CBS New York
NYC Middle School Teachers Concerned COVID Cases Will Spike After In-Person Learning Resumes

Dermott Myrie teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies at Public School 391 in the Fordham section of the Bronx. READ MORE: NYC...
Feb 9, 2021

CBS New York
The Kids Were Freezing’: NYC Public School Teachers Instructed To Keep Windows Open To Comply With COVID Guidelines Even As Temperatures Drop
Teacher Jia Lee says on a rainy day two weeks ago, the temperature in her classroom at the Earth School dipped into the low 50s. Without an ...
Nov 10, 2020

The pandemic could widen the achievement gap.
A ...Several schools in the Bronx don't have working ventilation systems, said Dermott Myrie, a teacher at M.S. 391. In District 10, where his school...
Sep 23, 2020

Democracy Now!
“We Feel Betrayed”: NYC Reaches Deal with Teachers to ...
Aixa Rodriguez is a Bronx-based high school English as a second language teacher — ESL — member of United Federation of Teachers' MORE ...
Sep 2, 2020

Teachers and parents call on schools to slow down reopening plans
Bronx teacher Dermott Myrie is concerned about students that live in multi-generational households. “Those who decide to go back [to school} ...
Aug 3, 2020

De Blasio Says NYPD Should Remain in Schools...
investment in essential staff needed, social workers, school counselors and nurses," said Dermott Myrie, a teacher at M.S. 391 in the Bronx.
Jun 10, 2020

Chalkbeat New York
For NYC students learning English, remote learning can come with steep barriers
“You try to email teachers — they don't answer you back, they don't ... there,” said Aixa Rodriguez, an English as a New Language teacher at ...
Apr 20, 2020

Teachers, parents say city's silence on school-based ......
educators, for those who stayed home,” said Dermott Myrie, chapter leader for the Angelo Patri Middle School and a member of MORE.
Mar 27, 2020

Jacobin Magazine

Go on Strike for Your Health and Safety
Now isn’t the time to blindly follow orders from bosses. To make sure our response to coronavirus is safe and just, workers need to take on-the-job action like sick-outs and strikes — as New York City educators have over the past week.
Mar 18, 2020

NY Daily News
Teacher calls for resolution of lawsuit over a city principal's alleged racism
Civil rights activist and teacher Dermott Myrie, left, speaks during a press conference on the steps of City Hall.

Jan 20, 2020