MORE Daily Bulletin January 5, 2022

Protest for safety outside the Barclay Center

Protest outside Pace High School

Gregorio Luperon High School phone zap

MORE Daily Bulletin January 5, 2022

  • UFT members protested outside Pace High school. The chapter had held planning meetings to involve several members and a sign-making event.
  • UFT members protested after school at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn today.
  • UFT members at Gregorio Luperon High school organized a phone zap to the mayor’s office to demand school safety
  • The majority of UFT members at the Earth School were absent today. They have circulated a letter to parents to gather more support.
  • With a number of staff out sick from COVID and others calling out as well, the cases rising to 20% of the student body, a District 2 school in lower manhattan had a union meeting Tuesday night and is joining the growing number of schools across the city filing grievances.
  • UFT members at a small Elmhurst high school had their first chapter meeting in months. Teachers raised concerns about COVID spread within the school that has already been documented in January. The Chapter Leader agreed to raise the issue in consultation. Several classes have had in school exposure since Monday and close contacts are returning to school, sometimes finding out about positive COVID test results midday.
  • MORE urges members to join us in a protest outside our union’s headquarters on Friday at 4 PM. See poster above.

MORE is running in the 2022 UFT elections as part of the United For Change slate. We want a union that will mobilize our members to protect our rights. See the UFC press release here.