MORE Daily Bulletin January 4, 2022

PS 15K UFT members

  • 80 UFT members at Fashion Industries High School signed a joint safety grievance Tuesday.
  • UFT members at PS 139K wore black today to protest unsafe conditions
  • UFT members at PS 54K will wear red for ed on Wednesday
  • MORE members have been contacting state legislators to get their support for Senate bill S6296 and Assembly bill a7447 which reduce class size
  • UFT members at PS 15K wore black today to protest unsafe conditions
  • Concerned students at a Marble Hill high school wrote a letter to the mayor describing poor safety conditions and asking to go remote
  • A high school in district 20 discussed the poor quality of masks, large number of absent teachers, and planned to wear black the remainder of the week.
  • The majority of UFT members at MS 821K and MS 136K were absent due to COVID symptoms or positive tests
  • Several UFT members in District 15 are collecting signatures on this letter of protest. 
  • MORE is running in the 2022 UFT elections as part of the United For Change slate. We want a union that will mobilize our members to protect our rights. See the UFC press release here.