End the Pandemic Everywhere

The Health Justice Working Group of the Movement of Rank and File Educators, MORE-UFT, stands in solidarity with the call from Justice is Global and Health Gap to End the Pandemic Everywhere. The COVID19 pandemic is far from over and it has continued to thrive off of the already existing global pandemics of economic,


Currently, there are less than 10% of vaccines available that are needed globally to end the pandemic. Yet world leaders continue to move without the urgency that is needed, and in fact are sending us back to in-person routines without a guarantee of safety. Many areas are even lessening and removing mask guidelines, which the CDC and WHO have agreed are some of the best defenses we have against the virus, along with vaccination and social distancing. This is why it is so paramount that we rally to the aid of our communities across the globe to expedite the distribution of vaccines, to slow the spread of COVID-19, and to help those who are still being devastated by this pandemic. We urge all our Rank and File siblings to attend The Rally to End the Pandemic Everywhere on July 14th, and bring our voices and our power to help those who need it now more than ever.