Announcing StrikeHot!

MORE is proud to announce our new strategy blog:  
Our union needs a new strategy, and we need a strategy to change our union.

StrikeHot is a new blog and forum for discussion and friendly debate about union strategy among MORE members, other union activists, and all members of the UFT.

Check out the mission statement and our first post, an interview about negotiating committee strategy by our own Olivia Swisher.
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Today, our leaders rely on friendly relationships with politicians to cut inadequate, concessionary deals with the city. Recent labor victories point to a better way. NYC nurses struck against two powerful hospital systems, and won major improvements to their pay and working conditions. The United Auto Workers struck all three domestic auto manufacturers, using escalating tactics to achieve historic wage gains. These victories weren’t an accident. They were the product of careful planning, mass mobilization, and direct workplace action, up to and including strikes.

StrikeHot invites today’s rank-and-file UFT activists to discuss strategies for rebuilding our union into a force that wins similar victories.