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MORE’s 3rd Annual Summer Series: Discuss, Debate, Educate!

Join the Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE) for discussions exploring the past, present and future of teacher unionism.  All are welcome!

Wednesdays 4:00pm-7:00pm

The Dark Horse
17 Murray St. NYC
Near City Hall, Chambers St, WTC

$5 Drafts & Well Drinks

July 16th

Who Runs the UFT?  Why Are There Alternatives? A Historical Perspective 1960-2014

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The UFT formed in 1960 as a merger of several organizations. By 1964 the Unity caucus emerged as the ruling party of the UFT, which they remain to this day. Throughout the union’s history various dissident groups and caucuses have contested this dominance.  At different times these groups merged, ran joint slates, or disbanded. We will discuss why these groups formed and their differing visions and strategies. How is MORE related to this history? What can we learn from it?

July 30th

Life Under the New Contract
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This fall we will be returning to a radically changed work environment, which educators are approaching with a mix of hope and anxiety.  How can school workers use the new contract to advocate for themselves and their students?  How can we activate new people, strengthen our union chapters, and empower ourselves at work?  Which members are more vulnerable under the new contract, and how can we support them?  MORE wants to campaign this year around tenure, paperwork reduction, ATR rights and chapter leader elections, and we need your ideas and energy!


August 13th

Lessons from the Chicago Teachers’ Union Featuring Guest Speakers from Chicago

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In 2010, activists in the Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) took over their union – successful displacing a conservative leadership with a team of organizers headed by dynamo Karen Lewis. This group would lead the CTU on its strike against Rahm Emmanuel that mobilized teachers and school communities. The strike electrified the labor movement, however Chicago is very different than New York City.  What lessons can we learn from Chicago?  Can we adapt the model of CORE to the conditions of New York City?


August 20th
UFT 101: Why Does Our Teachers’ Union Matter?

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Are you entering the teaching profession or new to NYC schools?  Are you wondering what the teacher union is all about and what it means to you and your students? Is it something you should be active in?  Do educators, parents and students share common interests? Can unions be vehicles for social justice?  Meet with new and veteran teachers to discuss these questions and more in this introduction to teacher unionism

Here is the flyer for distribution MORE summer 14 Announce-1


Hope you are all enjoying summer, MORE is staying active -here are all the great upcoming events we have on the way:


An opportunity to assess our work and plan for the future.
12noon – 5pm
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue (34th st) NYC Room 5414
Must show ID at the door
*Beverages will be provided and we will order in pizza
1. How is MORE doing so far?
2. What’s our vision for the short-term and long-term future?
3. What should we prioritize this fall?
4. What structures do we need to accomplish our goals?
Sat. 8/3 MORE Bikes NYC
Join us as we bike together from Downtown to Central Park on city streets only open to bikes, runners, and pedestrians.
Bring your friends and family for this great summer social event!
We will begin to gather at DOE-Tweed (52 Chambers St., near City Hall) at 10:30 A.M.
The ride starts at 11:00 A.M. We’ll ride to Central Park on car-free streets, then back to Chambers St.
MORE will host a family happy hour at a restaurant near Tweed/Chambers St. (stay tuned for MORE info)
Upcoming Summer Series events at Local 138
Video of our 1st summer series on high stakes testing and a preview of this one can be found at here

Check out our summer series facebook event page and a full description of every summer series here

Thurs. 8/8 How Do We Fight For a New Contract:Strategies for gaining a new contract that benefits our educators, students, and parents. 
Thurs. 8/22 The First Days of School-How to Build an Active Chapter: Organizing and mobilizing your school to fight back against abusive administrators and profit driven reform.

2013 MORE Summer Series

Discuss, Debate, Educate!

Forums, Guest Speakers, Open-Discussions, Get-together’s

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Every Other Thursday this Summer!

Local 138  138 Ludlow St  (btwn. Rivington & Stanton) NYC  4:00-7:00PM

Happy Hour $3 draft beer, $3 wines, $3 well drinks
 Nearest Transit Stations: Delancey St. (F), Essex St.  (J,M,Z) 2nd Ave St (F)

The Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE) is a caucus in the United Federation of Teachers that was created in 2011 to transform our union into one that will stand up and fight for the rights of educators, students and communities.  MORE is building a movement against privatization, school closings, and high stakes testing. MORE challenged the UFT leadership in the Spring 2013 union election because we believe in democratic, rank and file led union. Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.


July 11: High Stakes Testing and the Schools Our Children Deserve

We’re kicking off the summer series by taking a look at the effects of high stakes testing in our schools. Parents from Change the Stakes will be joining us to discuss why a growing parent movement against the high stakes nature of these tests is mounting not just in NYC but statewide and nationally. Discuss HST and its use as a vehicle for enabling destructive policies such as school closures & ranking and sorting students that leads to the school to prison pipeline. The socioeconomic and racial disparity in these policies has been downplayed and must be brought to light. This will be a great opportunity to discuss teacher and parent concerns as well as ways in which we can support each other and build a movement towards enabling schools that our students deserve.


July 25: UFT/AFT Leadership: Friend or Foe?

A full understanding of the role the UFT/AFT leadership plays is a crucial step for any caucus. Through what lens does an opposition caucus in the UFT view Unity, the dominant party in power? As potential partner, foe or something in between?

·       To what extent can a caucus challenge the leadership without being accused of promoting an antiunion mentality amongst a disaffected membership?

·       Can a caucus create pressure to force changes in policy or would such changes be cosmetic, co-opting the opposition while strengthening the leadership?

Come to an open debate and discussion on these crucial questions that must be explored before any caucus can grow!


August 8: How Do We Fight For a New Contract?

UFT leadership’s only fair contract strategy is to influence the Democratic mayoral primary with the hope that the new mayor will feel obliged to the UFT. The problem with this is that after the election, the UFT will have no leverage over the Mayor and we will be negotiating at our weakest. The lack of real UFT mobilization has given the green light to the DOE to violate our contract, increase the number of observations, and use partial observations against teachers.

Why Union Contracts Are Good for Educators-and the Public.

Strategies for winning a contract that: can protect us from the worst aspects of the new evaluation system

How do we protect educators’ and students Rights?

Supporting Teacher Professionalism & Checking Administrative Power

August 22: The First Days of School: How to Build an Active Chapter 

The first days of school are a busy time for teachers. In addition to setting up our classrooms and preparing lessons for incoming students, we are typically inundated with mandates and requests from administration. This summer, the Movement of Rank and File Educators will hold a discussion and training session for all teachers (not just chapter leaders and delegates) on the First Days of School, and how we can get off on the right foot educating, organizing, and mobilizing our coworkers.  Topics include but are not limited to:

·       Overcoming anti unionism/E4E

·       Overcoming apathy

·       Overcoming fear/Dealing with difficult supervisors

·       How to get your UFT chapter started and building a consultation committee

·       Getting support for first-year teachers?
When is it time to file a grievance about class sizes, programs or other matters?

If you have any ideas based on your first days of school, please contact MORE!


Email MORE at :  [email protected]

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Wednesday June 12 Fair Contract For All Rally at City Hall NYC 4-6pm

Let’s show this mayor and the next one that we are ready to take to the streets for a fair contract. For over four years UFT has been without a contract, meanwhile pensions for new members have eroded, an evaluation system that will take learning time away from our students will be imposed on us, and hundreds of schools have been closed while educators are excessed. The time is now to have OUR voices heard. join with the UFT and municipal union workers from around NYC to protest in front of city hall. All city unions are without a contract, we were asked to sacrifice, we did, now give our city workers the wages we deserve.

MORE will be there, will you? Look for us in our red MORE shirts and follow us on for live updates

Contract Committee 6/19

Wednesday 6/19  6:15 (DA may end a little early or late, for those not attending DA please reserve back room)
Blarney Stone
11 Trinity Place (1 block west of UFT) NYC
1. Conract Committee will host a date at the annual “Summer Series” forum at 138 ludlow St
(specific topics, guests, coordinator)
 2. New APPR and the current contract
 3. update on statements about contract
 4. New issues and plans

Summer Series

MORE will host our 2nd annual Summer Series featuring forums, special guests, and discussion on public education and union issues. Topics and presenters to be announced soon! Save the dates:

Local 138  at 138 Ludlow St (between Rivington St & Stanton St)  NYC

Happy Hour Specials

Thursdays 4-7pm

July 11

July 25

August  8

August 22