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The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund

By Rosie Frascella

MORE  Planning Committee member

Many people in and around MORE ask, what is a social justice union and what exactly does it do?

I teach at the International High School at Prospect Heights, which is a school designed to support recent immigrant arrivals adjust to school and life in New York City.  As an 11th grade English teacher and adviser, much of my time is spent attempting to convince students that college could be a reality for them.  Unfortunately, I watch many students receive internships, acceptance to college programs, summer jobs, and scholarships while their undocumented counterparts are told they cannot apply.

It is heartbreaking to watch students internalize the unfair reality that they do not have the same rights or opportunities as their peers and the only justification we can give is that we live in an unjust world.  As social justice organizers we cannot sit around and feel powerless when faced with an unfair world but instead channel our rage into action by empowering each other with a sense purpose.

Over the past month, my coworkers and school allies formed a social justice union within our school to fight for a common cause by starting a scholarship fund to help our undocumented students go to college.  Through the unity we build we were able to problem solve ways to address the needs of our undocumented students, one of our most vulnerable populations.

Our school community has never been so united as the school staff, community allies, and loved ones have been meeting after work and on weekends to make our dream a reality.  This is the work of a social justice union, a group of educators and community members coming together to address inequality and believing in the power of one another to create change.  Many New York City teachers do not see our union as a vehicle for change and it is critical that we continue to lead by example and re-imagine the potential of collective action.

Please join our efforts to raise $40,000 by June 1st in order to send at least one undocumented student from our graduating class to college in September.  Please give anything you can. Your donations will be the difference between a young dreamer going to college or not. If you were lucky enough to have the opportunity to pursue your dreams, pay it forward today.

Donate now to The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund, by going to the North Star Fund web-site, and designating the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund as the recipient of your gift.

The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity administered by the North Star Fund.