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One of the defining features of mayoral control in NYC under Bloomberg has been a sharp decline in the hiring of Black and Latino educators since 2002. The pattern is shown in statistics released by the DOE to a reporter in 2009 (reprinted below).  The DOE has not released updated numbers as of this writing.
In response to this disappearing of Black and Latino educators, the UFT Delegate Assembly passed a resolution in 2011 (reprinted below).  To date this resolution has not been publicized among the membership nor have the resolves been carried out.

We urge the UFT leadership to carry out the resolves passed at the Delegate Assembly now!

Data on new hires (pdf)
RESOLUTION PROMOTING DIVERSITY IN THE NEW YORK CITY TEACHING FORCE  (passed by UFT Executive Committee November 2010 and UFT DA January 2011)

WHEREAS, it has been a long standing policy of the UFT to support the existence of a diverse teaching force, both in the interest of equity and because education research has consistently proven that African-American and Latino students who have had teachers of color as positive role models achieve greater educational progress; and

WHEREAS, a study of the UFT Committee on Civil and Human Rights found that in relation to the numbers of African-American and Latino students in New York City public schools, African-American and Latino educators are dramatically underrepresented; Continue Reading…