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The Movement of Rank and File Educators stands in solidarity with parents, teachers, and students defending their schools against charter co-locations and closures!

We are the Social Justice Caucus of the UFT-New York City’s teachers’ union. We are a positive alternative to the current union leadership.

Stand with public school parents, students and teachers!

Once again, we are attending Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) hearings to Say No to the displacement of public schools by charter schools. Again, we will tell the PEP not to be a rubber stamp for the Mayor and instead, listen to what parents, teachers, administrators and students say. Will the PEP continue to build Mayor Bloomberg’s legacy of dismantling public education, which has seen record overcrowding and a narrowing of curriculum to a test prep focus?

Will the PEP approve decisions to expand or impose new co-locations at 23 sites, thereby significantly impacting students’ learning conditions and teachers’ working conditions?

Or will the PEP SCARE US and do the right thing?

*Public schools with limited financial support, forced to compete against charter schools with ample funds for the newest resources
*Overcrowding as schools deal with fewer rooms
*Competition between schools for access to the school’s libraries, gyms and cafeterias
*Parents pitted against parents in the same neighborhoods due to inequitable funding between charters and the district public schools
*Increased importance of high-stakes tests to determine the future of students and teachers
*Excessing of quality staff into the ATR pool of rotating UFT members, as fewer rooms mean fewer classroom teachers, librarians or guidance counselors

*Separate and Unequal Schooling for our students!

MORE stands opposed to the proliferation of charter schools crowding out district schools for teachers, rooms and other resources.

MORE stands for equitable funding and more resources to the schools that need them the most.

Stop School Closings Everywhere!