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[MORE's statement on the UFT leadership's change of position on testing is followed by James Eterno's full report on the Delegate Assembly]

Yesterday the Unity and New Action caucuses put forth a resolution that was passed at the Delegate Assembly calling for a moratorium on high stakes decisions for the state tests this year. While we applaud the effort to stop teachers from having their evaluations tied to flawed exams as well as a curriculum and evaluation system that has been poorly implemented and largely unsupported, we have serious reservations about the resolution as it stands.

The resolution accepts Common Core Standards and the structure of the teacher evaluation system, including the use of Danielson. These current policies are harmful to our students and our teachers.

Further, the resolution offers no plan in terms of member-driven input and action to fight the destructive policies we face nor regarding the effort to stop these policies’ high stakes impact.

MORE stands firmly in calling for a moratorium on the current teacher evaluation system until an alternative that is rooted in research and what teachers, parents, and students know results in effective teaching and learning is thoroughly negotiated, vetted, and voted on by our members. Positive alternatives exist.  We need our union to stand firm in demanding a system that benefits students and supports teachers.
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"MORE petition on Moratorium on advance"

Say “NO” to Advance


Please print out the above link and circulate in your school.

You can email [email protected] to arrange for pick up and/or drop off. Petitions can also be picked up/droped off at any of our upcoming happy hours (dates/locations to follow), general meetings (9/21,10/19) and/or our brunch(10/5).
We will have MORE members collecting/distributing at the 9/12 UFT chapter leader’s meeting at the Brooklyn Marriott  and 10/9 Delegate Assembly at 52 Broadway in NYC.
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