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On Saturday, thousands of people from across the country will gather in Washington, DC for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. As we wrote earlier:

“Unfortunately, this march is not just a matter of nostalgia. Today, the gains of the Civil Rights Movement are very much under attack, as educators know all too well. School desegregation was one of the central targets of the movement, but is not championed by the courts or by the federal government. Rather, the current policy thrusts — including privatization and the proliferation of charter schools, have demonstrably worsened segregation in urban school districts.” 

The UFT reserved several buses for this march, which filled up quickly. Nationwide, teachers who are attending the August 24 March on Washington will be marching with their respective unions in a large labor contingent of the march. Since MORE members and supporters are arriving in DC many different ways and at different times, we encourage all of our members to wear their MORE shirts and to try to march together with our UFT brothers and sisters in the labor contingent. If you arrive early, however, Save Our Schools — a national coalition fighting against corporate education reform — is meeting up at 8am at Farragut Square.