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BTF Protestby Geo Karo

The Buffalo Teachers Federation is aggressively fighting a flawed evaluation system, over the system’s termination use of evaluations. On June 17 followed through with its threats, first made in April, to take legal action against the Buffalo Public Schools. The BTF filed a notice of claim against the BPS in State Supreme Court. As the Buffalo News’ Sandra Tan reports, the notice is the required preliminary step towards filing a full formal suit. Whereas on the other hand, the UFT leadership has endorsed the State Education Commissioner John King-imposed evaluation system which carry terminations. Michael Mulgrew, the latter union’s president casts this value-added modeling plan plus Danielson Framework evaluation structure –plus a termination tie-in– as a win for teachers. (The latter union’s givebacks in the last three years amount to a de facto contract.) The BTF’s struggle over evaluations is a fight deserving support, and their stance on evaluations is one to be emulated.

At the heart of the Buffalo Teacher Federation’s fight are evaluations and the punitive use of them, toward 3020a terminations of teachers. The union did not trust the application of the evaluations.

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