Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money

May 21, 2014 — 5 Comments

Vote No

By Kevin Prosen

Chapter Leader I.S.30

This letter first appeared here in Jacobin

A Letter to New York City’s School Teachers

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5 responses to Teachers Should Vote No For Love and For Money

    James F. Smallman May 21, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    All in our school are voting NO! Keep up the good work.


    It’s amazing how things change when I read this and other anti-Mulgrew websites. Before the MOA was out, all I read here was how we will never get the 4% & 4% retro and that we would have to give major givebacks. Well, we are getting the retro and there are ZERO givebacks in addition to some great gains like more money going forward(plus additional retro raises from 2013 & 2014), a better configuration of the workday where educators can have real PD, parent out-reach and time for paperwork. Oh, and a mechanism to actually grieve paperwork, plus a real plan to get ATR’s back in the classroom. There is nothing not to like about this contract, unless you have a political agenda.
    In terms of the vote, my school of over 380 members will be voting yes.


      When all the math is said and done, the raise is not much. Waiting on retro with nothing in return is a giveback. ATRs not having the exact same job protection is a giveback as well. We all know uft and doe committees go nowhere. These are just a couple of reasons why the members in my school voted no. What I find telling is the anger…..anger at the NO voters for having an opinion that conflicts with the UFT leadership. That anger stems from a loss of control…Unity can’t control the talking points anymore thanks to social media…….the membership is waking up and they are going to be really hungry when they do. Roseanne McCosh PS 8x


    And Sancus, please tell me what my political agenda is. I have no allegiance to any caucus. Im not running for any office, position etc… Unless you can prove otherwise, kindly stop accusing NO voters of just playing politics.
    Roseanne McCosh PS 8


    If you compare the recent TWU contract to ours ( pay only of course ); you will see that they got their two 4 % in previous contract. Inn subsequent years they do a little better. the key is that the increases were paid right away and evrything else as well. This is a scam contract, as it is uncomprehensible and divisive.

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