UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!

May 7, 2014 — 5 Comments

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? john lydon vote no on the uft contract"


NYC Public School Educators to UFT Leaders: “Go Back to the Bargaining Table!”


MORE –  A UFT Caucus — Calls for Educators to Vote No

Launches grassroots campaign for “Contract NYC Educators Deserve”

 WHEN: Wednesday, May 7 2014, approximately 6:15pm (After UFT Delegate Assembly)

WHERE: SW Corner of 6th Ave and 54th St, in front of Hilton (1335 Ave of Americas, NYC)

WHAT: MORE-UFT (Movement of Rank and File Educators) calls for UFT members to vote “no” on the leadership’s contract proposal. The bargain under consideration:

  • Spreads what UFT leaders call an “18% raise” over nine years. This amounts to a 2% raise per year – the approximate rate of inflation.

  • Ratifies a teacher evaluation system based on the use of student test scores to evaluate teachers, despite a growing movement against over-testing, including parents who are opting children out of the tests.

  • Does not address pay disparities, such as the salary cap for Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists and low starting salaries for teachers.

  • Ignores members’ calls for stronger checks against abusive administrators.

  • Divides teachers with extra “merit pay” for those picked by administrators.

  • Undermines due process protections for teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve.

MORE calls for a grassroots negotiation process driven by members’ participation. Teachers and Educators across the city generated MORE’s, “The Contract NYC’s Educators Deserve.”

WHO: MORE, the Social Justice Caucus in the UFT that organizes for a democratic, active union, based on the motto “Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions!”  In 2013 MORE co-organized the “More than a Score: Talking Back to Testing Forum” with parents in Change the Stakes and the “Fair Pay for City Workers Forum” with rmembers of over a dozen unions. MORE ran candidates in the New York State Teacher’s Union (NYSUT) elections in April (NYSUT RA 2014 Speech from MORE).

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5 responses to UFT Contract – Vote NO Press Conference!


    This is a terrible contract. We’re secretaries. Please fight for us. Thank you.


    why not add something like ” pay isn’t retroactive if we have to wait for it “; it should be paid out over at most next two years, with 4 % at ratification. Salary schedule should be adjusted with more steps within first 12 years.


    Let us fight for ATRs say NO! to the contract! I don’t think that you are safe because you are in the classroom. You could easily be excessed and be an ATR.


    Year step 2008 Contract $ with 8% Difference
    if we received
    it in 2014
    2014 C2 + PD 2B 54329 55421.01 59943.37 -4522.35
    2015 C2 + PD 3B 54731 57517.19 60990.78 -3473.59
    2016 C2 + PD 4B 55438 60316.77 62705.32 -2388.55
    2017 C2 + PD 5B 56048 63755.06 64980.17 -1225.11
    2018 C2 + PD 6B 57639 68882.42 68829.46 52.96

    The Money this person does not receive because the 8% -11556.65
    is not given to us starting in 2014

    There is no retroactive pay! We lose more money over the course of this contract than we are going to receive in retroactive pay. The city need to give us are 8% right now and give us a raise for 2011 and 2012, We need better negotiators.


    Vote NO for the proposed contract. Aside from a “raise” that does not keep pace with inflation, it targets the ATR with expedited termination processes. From accusation to termination in just a few weeks! Why are ATRs being targeted? This is a class action suit waiting to be filed.

    Thanks Mulgrew….you’ll get no love from us, you’ll need to go back to the woodshop..

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