Delegate Assembly Amendment: Unite the demands for immigrant rights, public education and retro pay

April 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Please help support MORE’s amendment to the resolution at the UFT Delegate Assembly on Wednesday, April 9th, by copying and distributing our flyer, and raising and speaking for the amendment.

The resolution to join the immigrants’ rights and labor protest on May Day at City Hall is an opportunity to begin a mobilization campaign to win the demands for a just settlement to our expired contract.

Such a campaign needs to be part of a united fight of all working people in the city for decent working and living conditions. And it has to involve the rank and file members of our union. May Day can be the beginning of a mobilization, not the end


Insert the following after “receive financial assistance for college” before “therefore be it resolved

Whereas, this march will help unite the demands of working people of all kinds in New York city for improved public services, with the demands of immigrants for human and labor rights, the demands of the working poor for improved wages and unionization, and the demands of public sector workers for contracts with cost of living raises and retroactive pay, therefore be it

Resolved, that the UFT make an effort to mobilize its membership in every school for the march to form a powerful contingent calling for the following slogans:

  • immigrant rights are workers’ rights;
  • tax the rich to improve spending on education, pre-k, and all public services;
  • jobs not cuts; fight for a $15 minimum wage;
  • cost-of-living raise, full retroactive pay for public workers;
  • contracts with no givebacks on health care or working conditions;

Be it further resolved, that the UFT call on the Municipal Labor Committee to continue this struggle after May Day build a united march bringing together all the public workers without contracts into a joint struggle, and call on elected officials to pledge to support these demands in every way possible and

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