Support MORE at the NYSUT RA!

April 5, 2014 — 1 Comment

Today, our six MORE candidates for NYSUT Board of Directors will contend for votes at the the NYSUT Representative Assembly.  They are Julie CavanaghLauren CohenJames EternoJia LeeFrancesco Portelos, and Mike Schirtzer

We are also supporting Arthur Goldstein for Executive Vice President and Beth Dimino for At Large Director.

New, Positive & Independent Leadership for NYSUT

  • A Strong Rank & File Member Driven Union That Will Take Action in Defense of Our Educators and Students
  • Repeal The Common Core Standards
  • Teacher Autonomy Without High-Stakes Testing
  • Evaluation Based on Collaboration, Not Measured by Test Scores and Cookie-Cutter Rubrics

  • Restore Arts, Music, Civics, After-School Programs
  • Developmentally Appropriate, Full Day Kindergarten & Pre-K For Every Student in NYS With Unionized Educators
  • Political Endorsements and COPE Funds for Only Those Who Support Public Education & Unions
  • Adjust Pension Tiers For Equal Benefits For All
  • Mobilize For Class-Size and Case-Load Limits to Be Written Into State Legislation
  • Well Funded Public Education For All by Eliminating the Tax Cap And GEA


Endorsed by: The Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association

Movement of Rank & File Educators (MORE) Caucus of UFT

 “Our Working Conditions Are Our Students’ Learning Conditions”





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One response to Support MORE at the NYSUT RA!


    You did great at the RA!

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