Mike Schirtzer NYSUT Elections

March 2, 2014 — 2 Comments
Mike Schirtzer - MORE Tshirt
MORE is running a slate of six candidates in the upcoming NYSUT elections for the Board of Directors. NYSUT is our state union that all UFT members belong to. The following statement is part of a series that will feature all six nominee’s election statements.
Only delegates elected in local union elections may vote in the NYSUT elections, not rank and file members. In the UFT’s case, all 800 NYSUT delegates are from the Unity caucus, even though MORE represents over 15% of working educators and over 40% of high school teachers based on the 2013 UFT elections results. The Unity caucus votes as a block, because each delegate must sign an oath to vote in UFT, NYSUT, and AFT assemblies as the caucus tells them to. We are running for “at-large” positions which means although we represent the UFT members of NYC, any NYSUT delegate from around the state may vote for these positions. The election is held at the April 5th NYSUT convention.
Please join us on March 8th at our general meeting to discuss and April 5th at the Midtown NY Hilton to distribute fliers for our campaign- more information will follow.

As members of the MORE caucus of UFT, we know teachers and students are more than a test score. We are sick of watching our schools being turned into data and profits. It’s time for our union to stand up and defend us. Educational policy should never be dictated in corporate boardrooms or political back rooms. Restore music, arts, physical education, and civics. Reduce class size so that our students receive the education they deserve. Repeal Common Core now! Teachers did not develop it, nor does it have the best interest of our students at heart.

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