Solidarity with the UFT nurses of VNS-NY.

January 27, 2014 — 1 Comment

imagesMembers of MORE stand in solidarity with the UFT nurses of Visiting Nurse Service of NY.

The VNSNY nurses’ contract expires on January 31st, and they are amidst negotiations.  Visiting Nurse Service of NY is a private, non-profit organization that provides home healthcare to New Yorkers.  The organization is demanding that their nurses begin to pay into their healthcare, and puts an end to the current pension system for new hires, while not even offering a cost of living adjustment.  VNSNY  already laid off over 550 workers in October.  According to VNSNY nurses, the UFT is taking a strong and necessary stance against the givebacks that VNSNY demands, and have stated that UFT VNSNY workers will not work a day without a new contract.

Attacks on the working conditions of nurses have a direct and harmful impact on the care that patients receive. As teachers, whose working conditions are our students’ learning conditions, we know that attacks on our union and our working conditions do not only affect us. Like the attacks on teachers and public schools, assaults on the working conditions of healthcare provides are assaults on our communities and our right to good quality public services.

This is why MORE supports our VNSNY Union brothers and sisters and stands with them to demand they receive a fair contract for the honorable work they do day in and day out.

In the event of the strike, picket lines will be set up at the VNS offices located in each borough – please come to show support to our fellow UFTers.

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