NYC Educators Need a New Contract NOW!

January 2, 2014 — 1 Comment

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One response to NYC Educators Need a New Contract NOW!


    The “need” that grows needier with each passing year! Municipal union contracts…Its all about the revenue. “Whose ox will be gored.” Who pays for public education and all the other essential services that allow the city to function? This is the issue at stake but the Municipal Union leaders set themselves apart from the working class as a special interest, each vying for advantage over the next like crabs in a barrel.

    The FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate,) the 1%, should be taxed to death. The economist Michael Hudson says the 1% really isn’t even a class, they are more like a privileged estate that has seized control of the political system to extract wealth from the 99%. The revenue obtained from the gradual euthanasia of this parasitic estate could be used to reduce taxes on earned income, sales taxes and profits derived from productive activity. The increase in take home pay would be a stimulus to the real economy which in turn would grow the revenue base to adequately fund infrastructure and public services.

    The UFT will eventually present a contract but it won’t meet the need of the members because Weingarten and Mulgrew are too busy trying to collaborate with Pearson, Gates, Bloomberg, Broad, Murdoch etc.

    Bloomberg’s net worth increased from $ 25 Billion to $31 Billion in one year! He likes to describe the 1% as the “job creators.” How many jobs did Bloomberg LP create last year for its $6 Billion increase in net worth? Bloomberg’s one year increase in net worth is equal to double the estimated cost of paying all municipal workers retro pay!

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