UFT/AFT Leadership: Friend or Foe Series – Peter Lamphere

August 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

Part three of a series of posts based on our summer series forum that was presented on Thursday 7/26/2013. The purpose was to share the various perspectives on how we, an opposition caucus, views Unity, the dominant party in power of the UFT? As potential partner, foe or something in between? There were four presentations. These views do not necessarily represent those of MORE, rather they are part of the diverse viewpoints that represent our membership.

Peter Lamphere:

HS math teacher,  Chapter Leader, and has been a delegate and chapter leader at a number of schools in the Bronx and Queens. At the Bronx High School of Science, he was part of a fight against supervisory abuse, leading to twenty of twenty-two math teachers filing a harassment grievance against their principal and assistant principal, and successfully overturning a unjust unsatisfactory rating in the courts. Served on the union’s negotiating committee for the 2007 and current (unsettled) contracts, where he has been a voice for demands like lowering class size, and against relying on fact finding, instead favoring membership mobilization.

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