Vote MORE In April ’13!

March 26, 2013 — 2 Comments

vote_more UFT elections are right around the corner. A MORE leadership of the UFT will mobilize the members through educational campaigns, school-level organizing and member-driven activities such as pickets, rallies and job actions to win:

  • An end to use of student test scores to evaluate teachers. We are opposed to basing any portion of our evaluation system on standardized tests. The results of these tests have been shown to be wildly inaccurate. Furthermore, these tests narrow the curriculum and the test scores serve as an excuse to close more schools.
  • A good contract. We will unite our members to pressure the city to agree to a contract with reasonable pay increases, smaller class sizes, lower caseloads for guidance counselors and social workers, and no givebacks in working conditions or job security. The Mulgrew/UNITY team has failed to organize the membership and we’ve been working without a contract since October 2009.
  • The right to regular positions for all ATRs. We will fight for an end to the ATR crisis and to force the DoE to offer positions in schools to all of our members. The UNITY team helped create this crisis when they bargained away the rights of excessed teachers in the 2005 contract.
  • An end to the wave of school closings, charterization, and co-locations. We will mobilize our members in alliance with parents and community members to force the city to properly fund and support all schools. The current UFT leadership has failed to build a city-wide movement to support schools and stop closings. In fact, the Mulgrew/UNITY team has barely tried. Although union lawsuits have temporarily blocked some closings, the Department of Education closes more and more schools each year, excessing more senior teachers and adding to the ATR crisis. Mulgrew does not have a strategy to stop this and under his leadership we are losing the war.

VOTE MORE! Join our campaign. Together we can transform the UFT into an
organization that can defend our rights and our schools! | [email protected] | (347) 766-7319 | Twitter: @MOREcaucusNYC

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2 responses to Vote MORE In April ’13!


    What are your plans regarding the retired teachers who did go on strike to establish and buid the union? I find no mention of us or our needs on your web site? Hal Haicken, former chapter leader, delegate and current voting member.

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