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March 19, 2013 — 4 Comments

Help us take our 2nd video viral. Share on your social media, blogs, and email to all your friends and family. Ask your UFT colleagues to check it out and share it too! The ballots will be sent out April 3rd by USPS. The time is now to expect MORE from our union. We have a choice for a new positive leadership of the UFT which will build a strong union movement along side parents, students, community groups, and other workers’ groups.

Here is the video link to watch and share

MORE believes that Unity co-signed on to government policies which are leading to the deterioration of our student’s learning conditions; Mayoral control, privatization of schools, over reliance on high stakes exams, and evaluation schemes based on testing which does not take into account our children’s socio-economic conditions, are just some of the harmful polices that Unity caucus has agreed to.

MORE’s UFT Presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh states;
“For more than fifty years, one caucus and one caucus only, has led the UFT. In the last ten years, in a departure from the roots of our union’s founding, the leadership has failed to organize and mobilize the membership at the time we have needed their leadership the most. The tidal wave of unprecedented attacks on our profession, our schools and our children will not stop with a new mayor. It is time for change. It is time we demand MORE from our union.” MORE believes that a democratic, member-driven union will better address the needs of students, parents, educators, and the communities we serve.
In addition to running in the UFT elections, MORE organizes events ranging from educational forums and protests to social gatherings. For information about MORE visit
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4 responses to New Video Ad


    Can’t wait to see the new video. Could we possibly get the videos up on Vimeo, since DOE blocks You Tube. speaking of videos, A teacher in my school who went to the NYCORE conference is going to organize a viewing of Karen Lewis’ speech! If we have enough people RSVP I am going to see if someone from MORE can attend.



    I like this a lot better than the first. Ominous soundtrack ( the first one had Chariots of Fire; good tune but a little dated. No? Gary Hart used it in 1984. I think we want to be contemporary.) suited for ominous times.

    This one avoids cliched political advertising like the plague. Good. While it’s important for people top see our candidates in the flesh ( video 1), It’s really hard to do that sort of “one-pre-rehearsed ( or prompted) line per candidate per frame” type thing without the subjects seeming wooden and artificial. A better idea… if we go back to that at some point… is : catch our people in natural conversation, discussing everything they were talking about in the first time but without the stiffness.

    Our candidates and ideas are so much better, fresher and more real than the opposition that we need to drive all of that home any way we can.

    Lastly, I deeply appreciate the near lip-lock that Weingarten confers on Mayor(al Control) Bloomberg in video 2. ( “Now I’m getting verklempt.”)

    I think that SHOULD resonate w. the folks who’ve been following events over time. ( That would be more or less the same people that will go to the trouble of marking the ballots and mailing ‘em in. )

    Gotta think we have an edge w. that demographic.

    I give video #1 a “developing” and 3 an “effective”.

    No… I *couldn’t* do better. Than *either* of ‘em. Can barely figure out how to work a digital camera.

    But I’m told I have a pretty good eye/ear for this sort of thing.

    ( i.e. Shoot-from-the-hip criticism.)


    Your first video didn’t go viral, why do you think this one will?

    Feel free to delete my truthful observation like you did on the other thread. ;-)


    5 Questions for MORE’s presidential candidate Julie Cavanagh:

    1. How long have you been a Chapter Leader?

    2. What is your Delegate Assembly attendance rate for that time?

    3. Do you stand with your brothers and sisters at the annual NYC Labor Day parade? Since becoming a CL what is your attendance rate for that event?

    4. How many grievances have you filed during your time as CL?

    5. As many CLs do, have you been trained by the UFT to do rating appeals and arbitrations for other members? Have you volunteered your time to represent others in those capacities?

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