Julie Cavanagh Explains the Need for MORE

March 5, 2013 — 8 Comments

Listen to Julie on The John Gambling Show explain why the UFT needs to change and why MORE should lead the way.

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8 responses to Julie Cavanagh Explains the Need for MORE


    The Unity Caucus is all over the Union bulletin board in the teachers lounge at my rotation school this week. I was wondering if I could put up one of the MORE leaflets, or will I be targeted by the union rep and the school? Please advise.


    I’m an ATR and am currently a this week’s rotation school. The administration has decided not to give me a bathroom key, an elevator pass or a classroom key. The teachers are unfriendly and walk around as if you don’t exist. I’ve yet to meet the union rep on site, and am sure we probably wouldn’t get along politically as he has taken over the entire bulletin board with UNITY posters and i-vote information for his members to put an X in the box for the entire UNITY Caucus.


      Do you need MORE leaflets? Put them in mail boxes though he might take them out but be good for us to know if we lodge a complaint over election fraud.


      The administration has to give you a key. Ask them to put the refusal to give you a key or other resources in writing. That might end it right there. You have the same rights as any other teacher, insist on them. Demand to speak to the chapter leader – he/she may not be aware of your issue, oftentimes there are occupied with DOE incompetence in many, many areas. Did you make an attempt to see him/her? Chapter Leaders were told at DR meetings, frequently in the Ch. Leader Weekly update (available on uft.org) to look out for the issues excessed teachers face. If the chapter leader is unhelpful or unavailable, call your District Rep. Many, many stupid principals around that keep their chapter leaders busy with nonsense. Regarding the bulletin board, if one goes up so should the other, just the way it is in the NY Teacher election issue. As far as retaliation what can a chapter leader do? He is a teacher, not your boss. You can do more to him by complaining to the union that he/she is not representing your interests. Good luck. Note how Norm reaches out to use you to his caucus’ advantage. Nice guy.


        Note how you try to put the blame in this teacher. Oh, just ask for a key. Or call your (Unity) district rep who will tell her she should be happy to have a job. Many principals keep their chapter leaders busy with nonsense? Oh just try to bring that up at a district rep meeting and just have the Unity DR go in and fix it. That should cause howls of laughter. Note how you push the entire Unity response. Nice guy. Tom Payne is going through convulsions in his grave.


        Norm, You ask the teacher to distribute literature to help you and your caucus, I offer advice to help her. You seek to use her like a piece of toilet paper and I’m the bad guy? The teacher needs help and you are worried about getting your message out there via leaflets (to your advantage) and claiming election fraud (to your advantage). Not once did you mention any steps the teacher could take to fix her situation. Nice try but you exposed yourself and your priorities and it’s not pretty. It’s vital to know your rights and insist on them, and on representation when it’s needed. Administrators take advantage of teachers who don’t know what their rights are, and they mostly back down when they are confronted like any other bully.


        If you only knew how many teachers come to me for advice because the UFT won’t help them. I spend hours on the phone and email but don’t do it publicly as their info is sensitive. So don’t be so quick to judge, especially when it is the guys you defend so vehemently that are allowing so much damage to be done. Just this week a teacher email me he was quiting without 30 days notice because things were so out of control. He said he would never teach again. Did you check the UFT paper for one story that tells what is really going on? And yes, I do think that our caucus is the best way to save the UFT before it’s even more of a hollow shell than it is. I don’t make a dime or have any idea of benefiting in any way from my caucus’ success. Can you same the say for yourself?


    I also spend many hours on the phone and email uncompensated with people who need help. My family would love it if I didn’t answer my cell on the weekend or in the evening but I don’t turn away my colleagues. Many, many others do as well, and you slander them relentlessly by tarring all with the same brush. Most rational people would admit that no matter the organization, there is a bell curve of effectiveness and committment, a small group at the top and bottom of people who are either great or awful. Most are in the middle. Unity, MORE, little league umpires, makes no difference. And you are quite quick to judge – if you are in Unity you are a slug, a hack, etc. You said I blamed the teacher in the post above, I did nothing of the sort, I offered her advice. You might disagree with it, but it was meant to help. What’s your solution to the woman’s issue?

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