Get Out The VOTE!

February 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

get out the vote

We need your help to get out the vote. Too many of our UFT sisters and brothers do not vote in our union election, we’re going to change that. The only way to keep our union democratic is for all our voices to be heard. MORE has created a bunch of ideas for you to share with your colleagues about a MORE positive vision for new union leadership.

1.  Put MORE Election fliers in the mailboxes of your
coworkers.  Choose 3 people to follow up with later in the week.  Ask
them what they thought of the flier, MORE’s ideas, the union in

2.  Choose a school close by and deliver MORE election fliers. Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to meet with ones we have already printed [email protected]
During the election season, any UFT member can enter any public school
during your non-school hours to pass out election information.  Ask to
put the fliers in teachers’ mailboxes.  Make sure to take this document with you which states as per the DOE chancellor that any UFT member may freely distribute union election material

3.  Happy Hour!!! We all know those teacher spots. . . you walk in on
a Friday afternoon at about 4:00 and it’s just packed with teachers
happy about the weekend.  Grab a friend and some fliers and drop on
by! Let us know at [email protected] we’ll publicize it for you on our facebook, twitter, upcoming events tab on our site and mailing lists

4.  Like MORE’s  Facebook page and send it out to other
teacher friends.  Put a VOTE MORE post on your page and encourage
friends to do the same.  Everyone’s got at least a handful of teachers
in their 500+ Facebook friend list!

5. Tell all your friends to follow our MORE blog, anytime the site is updated with a new article or event they will be notified via email. Go to click FOLLOW on the left side of page

6. Do you tweet- follow us on Twitter, tweet at us, we’ll retweet you. Share with us your favorite hashtags- we like #RealLeadership #RealReform #MOREUFT

7.  Invite a MORE member to come talk with your staff about the
elections, our union, and MORE. contact [email protected]

8. Organize a breakfast, lunch, or after-school  meeting with a few co-workers that you know
are interested in union or social justice issues.  Discuss our platform, our mission, and some of the articles we publish on our site . Form a book club-we suggest; education and union scholar  Lois Weiner and of course the great pro-public school advocate Diane Ravitch

9.  Come to one of MORE’s upcoming general meetings and forums. Bring a
fellow educator. Check HERE for upcoming events

10.  Get ready to phone bank!  MORE has a large list of members and
contacts that we want to call and remind to vote in the election.
Group phone banks are scheduled for the first week of April after
break.  You can also make calls on your own.  If you’re willing to
help out, please contact [email protected]

11. Volunteer to help out, much of the work can be done from the comfort of your own home with just your computer. We need volunteers to help with our weekly email updates, write articles for our blog, update our social media with relevant articles, links, and upcoming events and proof-readers/editors are always welcome. Contact [email protected]

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