MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT

January 12, 2013 — 7 Comments

Dear MORE members, allies, and all our UFT brothers and sisters,

The indications are very strong the UFT leadership will reach an evaluation agreement with the Department of Education in just a few days. Because of this, we wanted to take a moment to repeat the position of the Movement of Rank and File Educators on the evaluation framework.

  • Because the UFT leadership thwarted our attempt to bring this evaluation agreement up to a full membership-wide vote last month, the ratification for this agreement will, in all probability, take place during a special Delegate Assembly meeting to be held this coming Thursday January 17, 2013.
  • MORE still believes that an agreement should be ratified by a full member-wide vote, as it has been with so many other NYSUT locals across the state (including Hamburg Central School District, who, sensibly, just recently voted against their APPR proposal).
  • MORE asks all UFT delegates and chapter leaders to attend the meeting on the 17th to register their vote against the ratification of this system, and should bring members from their schools to support the informational picket outside the DA that will be taking place at 3:30 pm on Thursday.
  • Contrary to what Leroy Barr asserted at the last Delegate Assembly when he said ” … [member-wide] referendum votes only occur on two occasions; strikes and contracts. This is neither .. ”  MORE believes that, since the agreement will modify the current contract, and, by state law, future contracts must conform to the evaluation agreement, it should go to the affected members for ratification.#
  • In addition to hurting students and teachers, agreeing to this system without a new full contract in place greatly weakens teachers’ bargaining position as the UFT attempts to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement on our behalf.


  • This agreement will radically change our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions without any input from the almost 76,000 teachers of the United Federation of Teachers.

Here are some aspects of the agreement that you should pay attention to as the details become clear next week:

  • Will evaluations based on the four categories of Ineffective, Developing, Effective and Highly Effective take place as early as this coming June?
  • Will Regents Scores (for high school teachers) be used to calculate growth scores under the new system?
  • Will teachers have pre or post observation conferences under the new agreement?  Exactly how will the Danielson Rubric be used during observations?
  • How will the 20% of our evaluations based on local measures of student achievement be determined?
  • How will the many teachers who do not have students that take standardized exams in their subjects be evaluated? Will delegates and chapter leaders have time to read and understand the complex “Student Learning Objectives” process for these teachers before voting?

UFT Presidential candidate, Julie Cavanagh said:
 “In his letter to members yesterday, Mulgrew wrote: ‘If a tentative agreement is reached, it will be up to the DA, the highest decision-making body of the UFT, to decide if we accept it as a union.’  It is unacceptable that he does not recognize the truth: That the highest decision-making body of this union is its rank and file members. We should decide if ‘we as a union’ accept this, because we are our union.”



1. All UFT members and concerned community members are encouraged to join us at 52 Broadway NYC UFT Headquarters on Thursday 1/17 at 3:30 for a rally and informational picket before the Delegate Assembly (DA).

2. Chapter leaders and delegates call an emergency chapter meetings this week to explain our position that we need more information on the particulars of any evaluation deal before casting our vote, we need a reasonable amount of time to bring any tentative agreement back to our chapters to discuss before a DA ratification, demand a full membership wide vote, and Vote NO until these conditions are met!

3. All UFT members should contact your chapter leader and delegate – ask them to attend the DA, Vote NO so that they can bring back the agreement to your chapter for a full vote. Please join us at our rally at 52 Broadway, NYC

4. Sign our petition: Join over 1,000 UFT members that have signed and 15 chapters that have endorsed our petition demanding a full membership vote on any new evaluation agreement.

5. Stay up to date with the latest details by joining our email list by request at [email protected]


Visit our official site at

- Like us on Facebook/morecaucusnyc

- Follow at @morecaucusnyc

1. The DOE-UFT contract currently in effect refers in numerous locations to the current Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory evaluation system, including in Articles 8 and 21.

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7 responses to MORE Statement on the Pending Evaluation Agreement Between the DOE and the UFT


    A concern: Many members work a distance from UFT headquarters. It is physically impossible for them to get to the 52 Broadway by 3:30pm

    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad


      It will begin at 3:30 because DA starts at 4:00, but MORE members who are not delegates and chapter leaders will be outside after start, so please feel free to join us when you can


    I will be there. Will notify others, ask them to please make the effort. Thanks for sounding the call. This is a BIG DEAL.


    What is being negotiated? What are the boundaries, the demands? Shouldnt we know what the line in the sand is? Shouldnt we be kept in the know? And then, shouldnt we, as all those affected by the decision, have the right to say YES or NO with our votes? Shouldnt a union BE a union?


    I have to add to my above post that I believe there is very little that will be negotiated to change anything in our favor. It seems our goose was cooked by a ‘vote’ of ONE on May 2010. (It says it right there on the UFT website, under “Teacher Evaluations”) That is why I think, NOW, more than ever, we need to show how strongly we oppose a vote of ONE impacting 75,000 public school teachers!

    My questions about the process, above, were aimed at the trimmings that have been negotiated, the fringe around the heart of this crazy evaluation system. But even those items, it seems, remain unknown until the 11th hour, even to the delegates who will vote on them…

    And they will know how each one of us wants them to vote… HOW? And how will one person’s vote reveal each and every voice their vote, supposedly, speaks for? There has been no effort, even, to get an opinion poll by the UFT to see how it breaks down.


    This post definitely highlights some very important points. Such detail will surely educate the other visitors as well.


    Perfectly said, ratification is done by full membership when it comes to a vote. The DA is the voice of respective schools, thus the highest ranking voice of the union. Schools elect their own chapter leaders and delegates -voice- to represent them. They should always attend DA!
    The New Evaluation is State law and now the particulars can be negotiated on an individual local level.
    There is no new evaluation changes without a new contract!

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