Solidarity Statement with Chicago

September 13, 2012 — Leave a comment

Dear Chicago Teachers,

The Movement of Rank & File Educators (MORE) Caucus, the new and growing social justice caucus of New York City’s United Federation of Teachers (UFT), enthusiastically salutes your valiant struggle against the Chicago Public Schools System and in defense of its students, teachers, and their parents.

We here in NYC recognize you as the epicenter of teacher and worker fightback nationwide.
As teachers have absorbed attack after attack in city after city, you all in Chicago have stood up, giving power to our chants: “Education is under attack; what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” Your strike vote of ninety percent in favor is a shot in the arm for every weary, tired, and discouraged teacher in the country.

We have been following your struggle closely, against a draconian and scientifically flawed teacher evaluation and testing system, your defense of laid off workers and teachers facing layoffs, your struggle for increased arts and wraparound services, and your demands for respect for teachers and teacher working conditions. Your line in the sand has demonstrated the stark contrast between the needs of the students and their teachers on the one hand, and the needs of corporations and opportunistic politicians on the other.

We pledge to rally our nascent forces to the best of our ability to 1) highlight what’s at stake in your struggle for teachers nationwide; 2) combat the rampant lies about unions “dividing” the population; and 3) mobilize direct support for your struggle. Your

struggle is our struggle!

Please contact us with anything you need and we will respond, and once again, thank you for your determination and your sacrifice. You are making history.

In heartfelt solidarity and continued struggle,

MORE Caucus, UFT

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