Latest Leaflet – Why We are Running

September 13, 2012 — Leave a comment

Please download this leaflet and distribute at your school. You can also tell us where you can distribute to help us keep track.

MORE believes that we can transform the UFT into a force that can win us a good contract, build
an activist alliance with parent and community groups to stop the political assaults against our schools and our union, and stop the testing craze which threatens students’ learning conditions and teachers’ job protections.

Remember the contract?

Michael Mulgrew and the ruling Unity Caucus have failed miserably. October 2012 marks the third anniversary of the expiration of our contract. This is the longest time we have been without a contract in fifty years! And the Mulgrew/Unity team has no plan to get us one. Their only strategy is to hope that the next mayor, who will take office in 2014, will be more willing to negotiate. MORE believes that the UFT needs to mobilize our members to force the city to negotiate in good faith. A UFT that revives the tactics of labor’s past — pickets, rallies, job actions, community alliances and mobilizations — can rebuild members’ confidence in each other, in their union, and in their community and compel the mayor back to the bargaining table. Mulgrew and Unity will do none of that. They hope we’ve all forgotten that we ever had contracts and that we’ll follow them on their bridge to nowhere.

Build grassroots alliances with our natural allies

MORE believes that the UFT can play a crucial role in rebuilding the social movements necessary to halt the onslaught of school closings, budget cuts, and test-driven curricula and teacher evaluations. These attacks are destroying our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions. Students in lower income schools and in communities of color have been hit hardest of all. A MORE leadership will train union members as organizers all over the city. We will work with parent and student activists to build a city-wide movement for a vision of school reform based on well-funded schools, equal access for all, and democratic governance of our schools. Finally we will mobilize a movement to reverse the transformation of our schools into test prep factories. The Mulgrew/Unity leaders often speak the right words and have their pictures taken with parent and civil rights leaders. But they have made no effort to build the kind of bottom-up mobilization needed to turn the tide in our favor.

Join us!

MORE was formed in 2012 by a diverse group of UFT members with long histories of activism. We are present and former chapter leaders, delegates, as well as rank and file members who have just gotten involved in our union, and community activists who support the struggle of teachers for a strong, democratic union, and schools that truly meet their students’ needs. If you agree with our ideas please get involved! Join MORE and help us rebuild the union we all want and need. Join at

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