Weekly Update #19 – 08.7.12

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 Movement of Rank & File Educators

The social justice caucus of the UFT

“Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions”



Weekly Update #19 – 08.7.12

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MORE open steering: Aug. 16, 2:30PM (Email us for location).


Election committee: Aug. 27, 4PM, CUNY (5th Ave and 34th St.)


Help choose the MORE slate for the next UFT elections (Jan-March, 2013).



MORE Summer Series

Fourth Session: Thursday, August 16, 5PM

Growing into the Fall: Launching our Fall Campaign


LOLITA Bar – located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take the F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.



Thursday, August 23, 6:30-6:30 PM


Supporting the Chicago Teachers Union in their struggle


Lessons from CORE’s history and organizing model, background to the current struggle in Chicago, lessons we can learn from how CTU has prepared for a strike, support for CTU’s contract demands since we are facing many of the same issues here in NYC.


Help build solidarity and educate teachers and union activists in NYC about the issues they’re facing and the importance of this struggle for the labor movement as a whole and the fight for public education in particular.


For more information or to RSVP, please email:[email protected]



Solidarity Update for Friends and Allies on Verizon Fight: Good News, Bad News, and Lots of Work to Do


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m writing to update you on the battle to preserve good jobs and a fair contract at Verizon, and what you can do to help.

First, the good news.

Thanks to all of your efforts, our leading statewide elected officials weighed in strongly with the Verizon 1% last Wednesday and Thursday, urging them to stay at the federal mediation table and continue negotiating towards a fair contract for 45,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia.

In large measure due to the pressure you helped generate, management lifted its self-imposed “drop-dead deadline” of Friday, August 3rd for the conclusion of mediation, and agreed to extend talks for another week.

But despite management’s willingness to keep talking, what’s actually coming out of their mouths is not good at all.  Despite continued flexibility from the unions, Verizon is relentlessly pushing for:

·      Even more drastic givebacks in health care.

·      Devastating cuts in pension security for current and future employees.

·      Gutting of job security protections.

·      And an open door to increased contracting out and off-shoring of good, union jobs to low-wage, no benefit domestic and overseas contractors.

In another significant development for the future of good telecom jobs, press reports last week indicated that the FCC and the DoJ are preparing to sign off on the Verizon/Big Cable Deal with minimal conditions that will do little to preserve good jobs building and servicing the FiOS network, or to ensure that the citizens of upstate New York Cities have access to competitive, state of the art broadband networks.

So here’s what we need our friends and allies to do as we ramp up the pressure on both fronts:

*  Wednesday, August 8th is “Wireless Wednesday.”  We are asking all of our CWA activists and all of our allies to join us in a massive day of leafleting at Verizon Wireless stores.  Please contact Erin Mahoney in the CWA District One office at 212-344-2515 or [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>  for specifics if you can help. A flyer for distribution is attached.


* Thursday, August 9th is “Solidarity Thursday.”  Please join our before-work or lunchtime picketlines.  Main locations in Manhattan will be 12 noon at 140 West Street or at 230 West 36th Street.  In most other Manhattan locations, picketing will be before work at 6:30 or 7 a.m.  If you want to picket in other boroughs we can put you in contact with locals.


* Call or write FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and let him know that the FCC must not approve the Verizon/Big Cable monopoly deal without conditions requiring:


o    No cross-marketing by Cable TV (Time-Warner and Comcast) and Verizon Wireless within the “Verizon Footprint” from Massachusetts to Virginia.

o    Require Verizon to build out FiOS to reach 95% of the homes in the “Verizon Footprint.”  This action would create at least 25,000 good jobs in New York alone and ensure that all of our upstate urban residents are guaranteed a competitive choice of cable and internet providers.

o    Call Genachowski at  800-230-7676 <tel:800-230-7676> and also leave a comment on the deal at http://www.fcc.gov/comments. When you get there, click on #7 Verizon Wireless/SpectrumCo and Cox.

o    We will be happy to provide your organization with a sample e-mail to blast out to your list on the latest on the Verizon/Big Cable monopoly deal.

This week is critical.  Our local unions and our members are gearing up to do whatever it takes-including hitting the streets once again-to fight for good jobs at Verizon.  We will keep you posted as the situation develops.

For now, thank you so much for all you have done already and for your commitments of support and solidarity.  It means the world to the 45,000 members of the Verizon 99%, fighting for fairness at the nation’s 15th largest corporation.

In Solidarity,

Bob Master

Legislative and Political Director

P.S.  Don’t forget to download a copy of our latest report, “Leaving New York Behind:  Verizon’s Attack on Consumers, Economic Development and Jobs.”  You can find it at http://speedmatters.org/verizoncabledealand then click on the button at right which says ‘Download the NY Report.”  The report lays out Verizon’s overall strategy for New York and how it hurts consumers and workers alike.  We’ll think you’ll find it of interest.



San Francisco: Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU) opposes contract signed by union leaders. Member Lisa Gutierrez made a presentation at the AFT Peace and Justice Caucus meeting in Detroit. Here is a message from Lisa:

This is the group that I told those of you who attended the P & J Caucus Panel all about when I presented my bit a week ago at the convention. As I had mentioned, we had an Executive Board meeting on 8/1, a couple of days after I got back from the A.F.T. Convention. The members of the E.D.U. Caucus were the only ones who voted against recommending the tentative agreement to our members (14 ayes, 7 nays).
We’re hoping to turn the vote around among the members. We’ll keep you informed!
In struggle,
Lisa Gutierrez GuzmánSan Francisco

You might take a look at this SF Teachers Union reform caucus statement calling for a NO vote on the tentative contract agreement as an example of the kind of fight back we need throughout the union movement.




Change the Stakes

Are you interested in working in the battle to reframe the debate on high stakes testing? Join Change the Stakes at its next meeting, Friday, August 17, 5PM at CUNY, 5th Ave and 34th St. Room 5414 (bring id.) Many MORE members are involved in CTS along with NYC parents. MORE will be funneling its high stakes testing work through CTS.

MORE Summer Series continues

Learn about MORE this summer: Can YOU imagine a transformed UFT?

Come to our Thursday Night Summer Series at:
LOLITA Bar – located at 266 Broome Street (Between Grand & Delancey Streets) NYC, take the F to Delancey St. or the J, M, Z to Essex St.



Each “listen & learn” discussion will be preceded by a brief membership meeting at which all are welcome, and followed by happy hour socializing & schmoozing


Fourth Session: Thursday, August 16, 5PM

Growing into the Fall: Launching our Fall Campaign



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