Solidarity with Verizon Workers! Make a phone call today…

August 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Email more if you would like information on further solidarity actions. We in MORE will be looking to show our solidarity on the picket lines in the event of a strike (like we did during the ConEd lockout), and will be looking for help in leafletting NYC Verizon stores to alert customers about the conflict.

A year ago, educators and striking Verizon workers made a common cause against the Mayor’s Panel for Educational Policy, which approved a contract for the telecom company despite stealing millions of dollars from the Department of Education. Teachers and other UFT members railed at the board inside, and also joined the picket lines during the two week strike.

See a video of Julie Cavanagh speaking at the Aug. 2011 PEP meeting.

Today, Verizon workers again need our help. After having returned to the work in hopes of negotiating a fair contract, the Communication Workers of America have now asked for Federal mediation. Another walkout is a strong possibility, and we need to stand ready to support our brothers and sisters in CWA and IBEW.  Not only are Verizon workers the fathers and mothers of our students, but they are victims of the same corporate greed that has beggared public coffers by evading taxes and created a digital divide in communities we serve

Now, we have a chance to take a stand again against rampant corporate greed. Verizon and the Big Cable companies have reached a deal that includes marketing agreements to sell each other’s products through a quadruple play, allowing a unregulated monopoly, which destroys jobs and hurts consumers. The FCC and Department of Justice are reviewing the deal right now. Call Governor Cuomo and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to urge them to fight the deal, particularly the marketing agreements.

Leave a message urging them to oppose the Verizon Wireless and Cable Company deal.

Call Governor Cuomo now at 518-473-5442 / Senator Schumer at 212-486-4430 / Senator Gillibrand at 212-688-6262

7.27.12 flyer for calls to Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand.pdf

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