SOTU Delegate Assembly Alert: Support this Resolution in Solidarity with the "Turnaround Schools" at Tomorrow’s Delegate Assembly – April 18th

April 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

State of the Union  - Delegate Assembly Alert – 04.17.12

Greetings SOTU Activists,

This is a special message for those of you planning on attending the UFT Delegate Assembly tomorrow, April 18, at 52 Broadway (4/5 to Wall St.).

There are two important matters on the agenda that we would you like to ask your support for. The first, is a resolution in solidarity with the turnaround schools, which are facing closure at the end of this year – see below for the text. If you have speaking rights at the DA, please raise it during the motion period.

Also, Occupy DOE is asking delegates and Chapter Leaders to support an amendment to the leadership's resolution endorsing the May Day demonstration called by Occupy and the immigrant rights and labor movements. While we welcome the leadership's support, we would like a specific endorsement of the educator's contingent meeting at 40 Irving Place in front of Washington Irving HS on May 1, and also a committement to specific measures to help mobilize for the demonstration. The amendments will be distributed at the DA.

Finally, please come to help advertise our membership meeting on Saturday April 21st at noon!  

Resolution Against School Closures and Turnarounds


For this Month’s Agenda   


Whereas Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to implement the ‘Turnaround” model in 26 schools imposes a new teacher rating system without negotiation, by forcing the educational staff to reapply for their jobs.; and, 

Whereas this policy would essentially add 26 schools to those targeted for closing this year leading to an astonishing 51 school closures in one year; and,   


Whereas, in doing so, the mayor and chancellor show complete disregard and disdain for the students, teachers and communities affected by this policy, inflicting unconscionable harm on them in an attempt to bust our union and eliminate due process for us all; and,   


Whereas this declaration of war on our schools and our union should be met with a strong, militant and united response; and,   


Whereas our greatest strength is the power of a mobilized rank and file, working alongside local communities, students, parents, educational advocates and others who are affected by these disastrous policies; 


Whereas, chapter leaders, delegates and members from many of the original 33 turnaround schools have united to call a rally against school closings at DOE headquarters on April 19, 2012, at 4 pm. 


Be it resolved that the United Federation of Teachers endorse and support the April 19th City-Wide Rally Against School Closures at Tweed. 


For more information or to get involved in further organizing, contact:  [email protected]

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